Welcome to our 2020 Class of Interns for Mifos and Apache Software Foundation through GSOC and Outreachy

Hi all,

We have a large class of 21 interns this year.

Head over to the Mifos blog and check out our welcome post for a brief glimpse into what each intern will be working on - https://mifos.org/blog/gsoc-2020/

This year we have the pleasure of working with 17 GSOC interns and one Outreachy intern through the Mifos Initiative and 3 GSOC interns through Apache Software Foundation.

We will share links to a gist listing the project plan for each student but to summarize we have 8 interns working on different mobile projects, 5 on web projects, four on new integrations and modules for Fineract and four directly working on Fineract 1.x

Join in welcoming them to the community. We really want to ensure the community is actively involved in providing feedback and reviewing intern contributions so will be sharing links to our weekly check-ins and having regular showcases via our community meetings.



Welcome to all the Interns of GSoC,

I have interacted with Rahul Pawar before and I hope to again during this time. I hope to interact with as many as time will allow me due to my deep interest in all the Apps of the great community

Welcome to you all dear interns

Warm Welcome to all the Interns of GSoC,

Hope you will have fun and learn a lot in this journay
I had an oppertunity to work with Ashuthosh on Function Requirement for his project.