Standing instructions jobs execution but transfer not made

Hello Team,
I’m having some problems with standing instructions which I need help with.
I created standing instructions for loan repayments when they fall due. The standing instruction job says it executes successfully, but payments are not made for loans that are due.
There is enough money in the linked savings accounts.
I’m running Mifos on Centos.
Can anyone help identify what the issue could be?

Hello @Ed_Kavi … welcome to the community.
Could you please help us with the following details in order to help you

  1. The codebase of your instance
  2. Instance access where you are facing the issue
  3. savings and loan account details where you are facing this issue(with screenshots)

Hello @bharath,
It’s working now. I’m not sure what happened but I need to monitor the system a bit and come back if the issue persists.

Thanks a lot for responding.