Standing Instruction Failed

Hello all,

I created standing instructions for loan repayments as at when due.

The standing instruction job executed on the first repayment but failed for subsequent loan repayments. There is enough funds in the savings account linked to the loan account.

This is the error log of the standing instruction.

Can anyone help identify the issue here and how it can be corrected?

Hi @Olayinka
I guess this instance is same as the other tickets you have raised,
Please provide some more information to help you,
could you please let us know the instance where you are working on?

Hi @bharath
Can we have a call via skype at your convenience so I can explain better? I hope you don’t mind.

You could test it on
Credentials are mifos/password

If you still face any issue, you can reach me on skype at live:cbharath4

Thank you for the assistance.

I will test and give a feedback on all issues.