Showcasing Community Efforts in Responding to COVID-19

I recently set up a section on to highlight how our open source toolset can be harnessed to help fintechs and financial institutions respond to COVID-19 to help weather the economic storm for the underbanked.

It includes messaging around how our open source building blocks can be used to rapidly open accounts and enable G2P payments, low-cost digitization of operations, rolling out digital payments and delivery channels, etc.

You can access it at

It also includes a video James recently produced for his tech demo at the Global Digital Development Forum outlining this rapid deployment approach:

James also documented the role of Fineract during this pandemic at and also co-authored an article on on the impact of this on the informal economy:

One section I would like I would like to create and expand upon is a showcase of partners and users of Mifos/Fineract and/or solutions powered by it and how they’re using their solution, the flexibility of our APIs, or the delivery channels you’ve built to help in the COVID-19 response. i.e. rescheduling loans, providing moratoriums on payments, enabling digital payments, rolling out branchless operations, etc.

Please reach out to me with a few details on how you’ve helped your local financial institutions be nimble in responding to the pandemic - I would love to show firsthand how our community and open stack is having an impact.