Setting up Github Actions as CI/CD for Mifos Mobile App repositories

Hi all,

I just wanted to give a heads up that we’re going to be setting in place Github Actions the CI/CD tool for our mobile app repositories. Getting proper CI/CD for our mobile apps such that the community could easily generate APKs from the builds has been a long-standing priority and given the high degree of functionality and the seamless integration with Github, we have decided to use Github Actions vs Codeship, CircleCI, Travis which we had been using in past.

@shivansh tiwari is leading effort on the mobile wallet. @Chinmay Kulkarni and @Subham Pramanik have also volunteered to help on the other repos and will work in coordination with @Naman Dwivedi and @Ishan Khanna who are a part of the original CI/CD efforts.

We have a multitude of mobile app repos under openmf that we want this in place for:

Android Client -
Mifos Mobile -
Mobile Wallet -
Mifos Mobile CN -
Open Banking App -

@Michael Vorburger recently set it up for the community app so can share some of his learnings/experience from that as well.



Respected Ed,

I have past experience in setting up CI for android projects via using github actions entirely which includes creating apk with each PR associated which we can shift to each merge commit as well(if needed/required). I’m very interested in taking this up and start implementing it in the concerned projects as per the level of priority. Irrespective of the project, the implementation procedure of it will remain nearly same if we ignore some minute changes like token retrieval. Via using github actions we can speed up our build process and reduce the build time taken in CI from ~15mins to far lesser one. Moreover, we can make use of Codecov for keeping an eye on the code coverage of the module that’ll help us track which Pull Request creates what impact on the coverage, this’ll be depicted via comment from the codecov bot which we can use via setting it up in an yaml file concerned for it. The last one was just my personal idea as I saw in the mobile-wallet and mifos-mobile have very few number of tests written and thus felt the need of it. So, I would like to set up the CI for the necessary projects if given the permission for the same.
PS: I have already contributed consistently to the mobile-wallet project(few months back) and have good understanding of the codebase.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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Hi all,

I have created an issue on android-client repository for tracking progress of setting up GitHub Actions. Please watch #1557 for further details. I’ll be creating similar issues on all other mobile repositories to track progress of each project. Would be posting updates related to this on this email thread.