Repayment Due date


I want to set loan repayment each month on fix date (like, 05 Jul, 05 Aug) but on the mifos website repayment due date selection base on day(monday, tuesday) and week wise (like first week, second week)

Please Guide me

Hi @suvidha86,

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In order to achieve your requirement, you do not have to set any other fields.
You can just set it monthly and the system will take care of the rest.
check the below example for reference

Below is the sample loan created for reference.

user: mifos

Thanks for your reply

The issue not resolve till time…

as per your guidance its work as required on your mention link (

but the same process is not working in our site (

User and password are same as demo

Thank you for providing the instance details.

Please check the loan now

You should get the required schedule now.
because of the workday set only from Monday to Saturday. any repayment which was suppose to fall on Sunday was getting skipped to Monday.

Let me know if you have any questions

Thanks you So… Much Now its working