Regarding 1st time login to the website

I am not able to login to the Mifos by the default username = mifos and password = password .
Can you help me with this issue , as if now i am getting an error message like this ->Couldn’t connect to server. Make sure you are using correct settings.

Thanks Onkar

Hi Onkar,

Can you check your tomcat log for any error. usually server while show the error while loading which causes the connection issue.

Also, could you let us know which version of Mifos you are trying to install and what are the versions of prerequisite which you have installed.

Hie Bharath ,

Where i can find the tomcat log .

as now i have use this link to integrate the mifos .±+Ubuntu+Server

my Mysql version is 5.7.

PFA of the issue .

@onkar Log will be under tomcat/logs/Catalina.out.

Please confirm the Mifos release version you are using. If it is 18.03.RELEASE. then you may have to downgrade the Mysql to 5.6 or 5.7

Why not obtain a static IP. That way, you wont have to worry about IP issues when changing Servers

Hie Bharath ,

We have one Mifos Server which is having less RAM & memory . We want to upgrade the Server, If i tries to upgrade the server the my Public IP is getting changed .

Our server is Setup on AWS.

Will it affect to Mifos Server if the IP is getting Changed & website will stop working?

Kindly Help me out with this issue,we are in Production,want to resolve the issue quickly.