Recurring Deposit Product Error

Hi all,

I created two recurring deposit products - SLED recurring deposit and SLED recurring deposit 1.

The two products didn’t show in the recurring deposit application drop down when I tried adding the products to a client. The only products that I could see were fixed deposit products.

How can this be corrected?

Hi @Olayinka
We would require some more information to help you,
could you please let us know the instance where you are working on?

Hi @bharath
What information do you need?
The instance was to create a recurring deposit for a client after setting up the recurring deposit product. This test was done on the Mifos demo. You can investigate further if you don’t mind. The short name for the recurring deposit products are SRDS and SRD1.

this looks like a bug in the demo code base.
Could you test in
it is fixed in this instance
Credentials are mifos/password