Re: Mifos Penalty Charges Setup

Hello Sharon,

Welcome to the community. The current ticket for that enhancement request is now at and it looks like it hasn’t been completed as of yet. I can reach out to the past community members interacting with the issue to see if they have a pull request to share.

If you would like to fund/sponsor the development of this enhancement, I can help to facilitate that. Or if you’d like to do the development yourself directly, assign that issue to yourself and the community can help in guiding you further.

@Bharath Gowda are you able to assist in the question related to maxCap and minCap for overdue charges?

I am also cc’ing the Discourse Forum for this to be cross-posted there.

Hi. The first time password for the mifos user is: password

Hello Juan,

The default password for MifosX is password, while username is mifos

If that wont work then there will be an issue in your mysql may be it is not running.

Hi Juan,

Can you confirm your MySql credentials are correct and as follows:

Username: Root

Password: mysql

Hi Juan,

I really appreciate your effort in getting mifos installed on your own and you have almost got it right, i guess your stuck because of some minor Setup issue.

I would be happy to take a look at your setup and help you out with that.

Please get in touch with me on skype(handle ID is my signature) we can schedule a call at your convenience and get it fixed.

Hello Sharon,

UI to configure Maxcap and Mincap for Overdue charges is currently not built. however, Fineract (backend) side has been implemented. if you add the Min cap and Max cap at DB level(in m_charge table) system will acknowledge and apply charge accordingly.

You can one time configure while you are configuring your products, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any issues in configuring the same.


Lead Implementation Analyst | Mifos Initiative

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Bharath, can you create a ticket in the GitHub issues for the community app for the up late UI related to this feature. Do we have it spec’d out or documented these addition parameters on the charges?


Thank you so much Ed and Bharat. We will try this out.



Sure will raise a ticket.

Those parameters are listed in our API Documentation