Re: Demo Video for Credit Scoring Web-App

Thank you for preparing this Mehul. It seems like you have accomplished a lot over the summer. Can you send an email to the two community dev lists and Discourse ( to get feedback from the community?

You can use this link for the video:

Can you also include a link to gist page which outlines your project as well?

We’ll put docs for this on our mifos gitbook which I can provide access to.

It would also be good to start documenting our roadmap for what has been built and what could be worked on as well.

I’m cc’ing some of our product management volunteers regarding the roadmap for your project.


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Let’s also prepare the respective tickets in Apache Finerat JIRA and mifos github issues so they can be referenced when the pull requests get made. I take it we’ll target 1.5 for the release.