Pilot Users or Use Cases for Neobank/Digital Bank UI on Fineract CN

Hello community,

One of the Mifos GSOC interns will be focused on building a new reference UI for staff on top of Fineract CN that is more geared towards digital banks or neobanks that are focused on individual consumer accounts.

The need is two-fold: 1) The current fims-web-app reference UI on top of Fineract CN is incomplete, unpolished and doesn’t serve as a good representation of capabilities of Fineract CN. 2) As more financial inclusion providers focus on individual lending and savings products and more digital banks/neo-banks and fintechs that don’t have group or center-based operations explore Mifos and Fineract CN, we’d like to have a reference UI that is more in line with those requirements. We don’t want prospective users to come and see the microfinance-centric UI and immediately think that the platform might not be useful for them.

To that end, we are seeking input on use cases, navigational workflows, capabilities, UI suggestions, overall user experience from partners, users, individuals who have a need for a more customer-centric UI. We will still follow the Angular Material guidelines but we want to have a clean, simple UI that is more focused on the individual customer and really empowers staff to perform their day to day actions so have it be more activity-driven, notification-based, modular, etc.

Please share your thoughts on this thread and reach out so we could set up a call to capture your needs to factor into the design process.




Okay. Will go through it.