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Does anyone know why Pentaho reports don’t work in version 19.12?


Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel,

That release branch of the code still hasn’t been fully tested and released but we will try to troubleshoot your Pentaho issues and I have cc’d @Bharath Gowda to try to look into your issue.


Thankyou ED

We have been having similar issue on Pentaho as raised by Juan Manuel

We had to revert back to version 18 after failing to work especially on accounting reports like balance sheets and trial balance

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Could you please create a ticket on the issue tracker? For reporting related issues to Mifos X, we are using the github issue tracker for the community-app since there’s no dedicated repo for reporting.


Hello Juan,

The version which is running on the staging server is the Latest Development branch and not the 19.12 version. However, 19.12 version too has this issue.

@Ed Cable and Moses,

Reports are failing because of sql injection error.

"“developerMessage”:“The request was invalid. This typically will happen due to validation errors which are provided.”,“httpStatusCode”:“400”,“defaultUserMessage”:“Unexpected SQL Commands found”,“userMessageGlobalisationCode”:“error.msg.found.sql.injection”


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I am going to look into this and share here

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Any solutions?..