[Mifos-developer] DISCUSS: Migration Path from Fineract to Fineract CN

Now that the Fineract CN repositories are on the Apache Github, stabilized, and proper build documentation is coming together, momentum is starting to build.

I wanted to raise on the mailing lists a question and concern I know is at the back of the minds of many members of the Mifos and Fineract communities.

**What is the migration path from Fineract to Fineract CN? **

During the genesis of Generation 3 now Fineract CN, we made the commitment to a migration path so I want the dialogue to happen early so we can ensure that as Fineract CN evolves and matures, we have in place the tools, scripts, documentation to bridge the communities.

Hundreds of institutions and millions of clients supported by partners from around the world currently rely on Fineract but would greatly benefit form this new architecture.

I want our community to have this open discussion about what they envision for an ideal migration path and what can be practically be implemented to achieve the best migration path possible.

So let’s use this thread and this wiki page at https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FINERACT/Migration+Path+from+Fineract+to+Fineract+CN to discuss:

  • Use cases for migration path

  • Proposed solutions for a migration path along with pros/cons of each

Some outcomes I’d like to see:

  • Proposed Design & Approach

  • Timeline and Placement on our Roadmap

  • Identify Volunteers to Drive this Forward

  • Scope out as a Potential GSOC Project

I look forward to the discussion!

P.S. If they’re reading, this might be a chance for the folks at Apache POI to get involved! :slight_smile:


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Is there any tool to migrate old mifos x database to fineract database?