Interest not getting posted to Savings account

Hi everyone,

In our environment our clients have Income and Growth products. Each client also consists of a savings account (Savings product).

We have an issue where no monthly interest is getting posted to the savings accounts of our clients, from their Income Products. When the Investment Products are created, we tick the option “Transfer Interest to Linked Savings Account”, and then select the linked savings account. On creating the Income product, we set the interest compounding period as annually, and the Interest posting period as monthly.

On the savings account the interest rate is 0%, as we don’t want to calculate more interest on the value being posted in the savings account.

But no interest is getting posted to the savings accounts at all.
The Job Scheduler is running successfully and the interest posting values are getting calculated correctly for the Income and Growth products,
but the savings account balances are all zero.

Can anyone assist us with this?