How to change the Account Type?

How to change the Account Type?


Click on the account then click on edit and then edit the account as shown in the image below

Hi Francis,

Thanks for answering. You sent me is how edit the “Accounts” in Chart of Accounts. But I asked about how edit the “account types” (Asset, Liability, Income and Expense) in Chart of Accounts:

Captura de pantalla 2020-06-09 a las 22.11.19.png

Dear Juan,
This is in code, i think it is not on the interface - sorry i did not understand you on the first question

Is ok.

Do you know the file path to modify that code?

I do not know,

I have not yet done or thought about this

Hi Juan,

The COA types present in Mifos are the standard types available in Accounting. Let me know what is the accounting type your/client’s organization is following.

We need to understand why you want to introduce new type and use case scenarios of those accounts.

Hi Harath,

Of course. The problem is that those types of accounts are only in English. I want it to be like this:

  1. Activos
  2. Pasivos
  3. Patrimonio
  4. Ingresos
  5. Costos
  6. Gastos

El El jue, 11 jun 2020 a las 7:42, bharath gowda via Mifos Forum escribió:


Just change the language at the profile login

That’s not the solution. That needs to be changed in the code

Solved: /opt/tomcat7/webapps/ROOT/scripts/controllers/controllers.43b5ab28.js

Thanks Juan for sharing

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