GSOC Aspirants: Attend our Mifos GSOC AMA on Tuesday March 24 at 1300GMT>

Hello Mifos and Fineract communities,

As you can see from traffic on the lists and in Gitter, the Google Summer of Code application period is well underway. Please if you are able to, try to respond to the aspiring participants’ questions and we could always use help from senior community members in reviewing incoming contributions and pull requests. We also still need mentors for projects (especially with the impact of the coronavirus, we will need even more redundancy across mentors). Please fill out this form if interested in mentoring:

We have published our official welcome blog post which includes a glimpse into some of the projects and tips from former GSOC participants like Ishan Khann on how to create an awesome application:

It also includes a link to our upcoming Mifos GSOC Ask Me Anything session on Tuesday, March 24 at 1300GMT. Register at

For all aspiring GSOC participants, we are continuing to refine our list of ideas and finalize mentor assignment so please be prepared to modify your proposals accordingly. Please continue to:

  1. Introduce yourself on this thread in Discourse:
  2. Make pull request(s) and contributions - if you are not submitting a fix for an existing ticket/issue and are creating a brand new issue, please wait till that issue has confirmed before you begin work on it.
  3. Continue communicating and interacting on our communication channels but be patient as it sometimes takes time for community members to respond
  4. Attend our upcoming AMA on Tuesday March 24 at 1300 GMT.