Fixed Deposit Transactions

Hello all,

I added a new fixed deposit product to a client, the fixed deposit product wasn’t linked to a savings account.

I noticed a double posting in the journal entries of the deposit and withdrawal of the new fixed deposit product. The cash account was credited twice while the liabilities account was credited twice.

The journal entry is correct, however, the posting should be done once not twice.

Please, how can this be corrected?

Hi @Olayinka
Could you provide some more information to help you,
could you please let us know the instance where you are working on?
and the account details where you are facing this issue?

Hi @bharath
For all fixed deposit transactions that are not linked to a savings account, had the posting error above.

  1. George Thomas - Client with fixed deposit account numbers 000004033 and 000004034
  2. James Brown - Client with fixed deposit account numbers 000004037
  3. Tony Martial - Client with fixed deposit account number 000004039
  4. Roger Federer - Client with fixed deposit account number 000004044
    All the clients listed above were created for a test on Mifos demo and they all had the same issue.

this looks like a bug in the demo code base.
can you test in
Credentials are mifos/password