FEEDBACK: Use Cases for Mobile Apps

Hi all,

While this is an ongoing dialogue that should be happening actively year-round, it’s ever pressing at the moment as our prospective GSOC interns are working on their applications and we need to provide user-driven requirements and tasks to go into the roadmap for our suite of staff and customer-facing mobile apps. I want to reiterate to partners and users alike if you have any possible features, enhancements, or improvements you’d like to see in any of the mobile apps, now is the time to submit them. We will have talented Android developers working for us as part of GSOC under the leadership of our experienced mobile development mentors.

In case you are not aware we have a mobile field operations app for both Fineract 1.x and Fineract CN, a mobile banking app for Fineract 1.x and Fineract CN as well as a mobile wallet app that works across both Fineract and Fineract CN. Additionally you can share use cases for online or internet banking app here as well.

For an overview of what each of these apps does, visit

Please respond to this email thread (it should also cross-post to Discourse) and we will create the necessary tickets on the respective github repos and/or add it to the specific idea for that project.

The current list of Mifos GSOC ideas is at:



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