Disable Interest Recalculate on Reschedule Loan (Grace Period)

Dear All,

I would like to know why original interest amount change after reschedule loan(grace period). Is there any way to fix the problem. Our customer complain why the original interest amount change on Reschedule Loan. My client request to avoid recalculate interest on Reschedule Loan(Grace Period).
I check the code on server side there is a interestrecalculate option(true/false). But it’s not effect even I set false. Please Let me know Is that issue or Is that microfinance rule?

Thu Rein
Blue Stone Solution Co.,Ltd.

Hi @thurein

If I understand correctly, you are trying to add a grace period to the loan through the reschedule feature in the active loan account.
In such case the future schedule has to be recalculated based on the parameters(in this case grace period) to make sure the interest calculation is right(considering the grace period).

hence I do not see this as an Issue, If my understanding is wrong, please explain us with an example.