Couldn't connect to server. Make sure you are using correct settings


i had follow this link to configure all the thins but getting this error :image

Then i m using mifos version :mifosplatform-18.03.01.RELEASE
java : jdk1.8.0_131
sql : 5.7.19

I am struggling with this too. I’ve changed the initial URL to be


but the system appears to ignore the protocol and redirects to

https://localhost:8080/fineract-provider/api/v1/authentication instead of http.

Short of putting an Apache proxy with SSL in front are the any other solutions? Where is the redirect coded?

Hi @chinks ,
The schema migrations fails when using MYSQL 5.7, This is the cause of the failed datasource connection and hence the issue.
Try downgrading to MySQL to 5.5 or 5.6.

Prerequisite Software’s Note:- Below are mandatory prerequisite software’s with mentioned versions only

MYSQL SERVER >> Version 5.5 or 5.6
TOMCAT >> Version & above

Please feel free to reach me If you still face any issue after this too.
My Skype ID is live:cbharath4

@conradsp did you face these issues when you upgraded MySQL to 5.7? Did it come up in your testing with the Community App?

I’m also facing the same error message , even after installing MySQL 5.6.
Can anyone help me out on this!!

If anyone has resolved error then please share.

ThankYou : )