Change the disbursement/transaction date of tranche loan

Hi everyone,

I have the tranche loan with multi-disbursement (every 30 months).
Example I disbursed on day 25th of each month.
Now, after 20 months, I want to change all previous date of disbursement/transaction to day 27th or 28th due to incorrect input in past.

So should I change manually in MySQL (table m_loan, m_loan_transaction)?
Then How I can update the interest calculation from the beginning (from installment 1…)?

Thank you in advance!


Disbursed date 1: 25/Jan/2018
*Disbursed date 2: 25/Feb/2018 *
Disbursed date 3: 25/Mar/2018
Disbursed date 4: 25/Apr/2018

=> Need to change:
Disbursed date 1: 27/Jan/2018
Disbursed date 2: 28/Feb/2018
Disbursed date 3: 28/Mar/2018
Disbursed date 4: 27/Apr/2018

& how to re-calculate interest from 1st installment