Call for Mentors: 2021 Google Summer of Code for the Mifos Initiative

Hello all,

It’s that time of year again and the Mifos Initiative is looking to participate in Google Summer of code for the 10th year. Last year, we had our largest class of interns ever with 17 interns and we look to build upon that growth but can only do so if we have a dedicated group of mentors who are sincere, active, and understand the commitment it takes.

This year we’ll once again be having interns work on our Mifos X web and mobile apps, Fineract 1.x and Fineract CN, as well as more projects around our AI for All strategy, our Payment Hub EE and payments integration, our Open Banking layer, and for the first time projects related to OpenG2P.

Google Summer of Code applications are due February 19. I am finalizing our application but need to ensure we have a committed group of mentors and a solid ideas list. I have already been discussing ideas with our past GSOC mentors and recent GSOC alum who will becoming mentors for the first time.

We’ll be adding our mentors and refining our ideas list at:


The coding program officially runs from June 7 to August 16, 2021.

This year in order to increase the reach of GSOC and encourage longer term participation, projects are of a much smaller scale - 175 hour projects spread across 10 weeks vs 350 hour project spread across 12 weeks. This reflects the recognition that with COVID, students won’t have GSOC as their only commitment so we have to narrow the scope of our ideas down to fit into the reduced time commitment cycle and remove our expectation that they have no other commitments outside of school. Stipends for students have also been reduced by half. See Stephanie’s email for full details and rationale behind these major changes they’re testing out in 2021.

2020 was our biggest year of participation in GSOC to date with 17 interns mentored by the Mifos Initiative. We once again tested the limits of our mentors so I want to emphasize this year that if you express interest in being a mentor, know the commitment it takes. Despite the reduced scope of the projects, it will still take the same level of effort in mentoring the student, scoping and managing the project, etc. so we’ll see how these new changes impact our community and long-term retention of contributors.

Mifos participation is in addition to whatever participation Apache Fineract might do as part of the umbrella organization, Apache Software Foundation.

This program is one of our most impactful ways to extend our software but most importantly grow our community over the long run. Our most active volunteers, committers, and maintainers in the community have all been former GSOC students so if you’re a senior community member looking for a great way to give back, this is it!

I gave a talk a couple years back that explains how GSOC is truly the lifeblood and organic growth engine for our community -

In case you forgot, here’s a link to blogs about past GSOC programs at:

If interested please fill out this form and/or reply to this email thread. If you know someone who would be a good mentor, don’t hesitate to invite them.

We will later schedule a developer meeting to solidify our list of ideas and answer any questions you might have about mentoring!

Partners & Users!

Regarding our list of Ideas, this year we’ll both revisit some of the ideas that weren’t picked up last year, continue evolving the apps that students have worked on in the past and try to do more projects on Apache Fineract CN, the Gen 3 architecture, our Open Banking APIs, and OpenG2P.

As we did last year, the majority of ideas we’ll submit for our application will be related to Mifos X distribution powered by Apache Fineract 1.0 including web app (Community App), mobile apps (field officer, mobile banking, mobile wallet ), and other modules (data import tool, etc.) powered by Apache Fineract as well as our payment integration tools including payment hub and mobile money integrations.

You can start adding ideas to our very early stage 2021 ideas page at

That page is still to be updated for current ideas.

We especially need more functional use cases of what the mobile apps should support - if you would like to see new innovation and more development - this is your chance to have your feedback be heard!

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