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Please help with this problem:

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Hi Juan,

The error message says “the shares which you are trying to approve is crossing the limit set at product level”

Could you please check the product configuration.
If you are not able to figure out, share your instance details for further assistance.

Hi Gowda,

Thanks for answering.

Yeah, I solved that. The real problem is that when I click on “Submit" nothing works and it doesn’t go any further:

That issue is noticed on the 18.03 release version… try upgrading to 19.12 version or latest develop where this and many other issues are fixed.

19.12 codebase can be found here

develop branch you have to take it from Github Repo

Thank yo!

Can you please send me the AMI Amazon for version 19.12?

El El lun, 8 jun 2020 a las 19:51, bharath gowda via Mifos Forum escribiĂł:

Hi Juan, there is no AMI for that, you could follow the below steps to upgrade your exisiting server.

  1. Remove the fineract-provider.war and ROOT folder from your tomcat webapp folder(save it elsewhere for rollback)
  2. copy paste the downloaded file from the link provided in the webapps folder
  3. Unzip the root which is downloaded
  4. Remove the existing fineract-provider folder inside the webapp folder and restart the tomcat server.
  5. Take a backup of your existing DB, war file and root folder before performing an update Incase if you have to roll back to the existing setup if you encounter any issue.

You can also contact me on skype if you have any questions or concerns.

My skype handle is live:cbharath4


Is Mifos version 19.12 official and stable? I don’t see documentation on that version.

It was a planned release which was on staging server until last month, officially the release has not been made for 19.12. Let me know what kind of document are you looking for, will see if we can help you.

When will the official release of version 19.12 be made?

Hi Bharath,

I can’t remove fineract-provider folder. It says I don’t have permission.

How can I fix this?


I am not sure if this issue Is related to

Mifos. Could you please check the OS permissions once?