About the Marketplace category

Post any projects, jobs, roles that you need work done for relating to solutions built on the Mifos or Fineract platforms - job listings, RFPs, custom development projects, service opportunities, volunteer projects, etc. This isn’t a place to promote services you have to offer - just for services you are seeking.

Think of this as a jobs board or services marketplace in which community members can post projects for other partners and volunteers to respond to. These projects could include:

  • Custom Development
  • Implementation & Support
  • App Development
  • Reports Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Feature Development
  • Training
  • RFPs/RFIs for services
  • Positions you’re hiring for (Developer, IT Manager, etc.)
  • Volunteer Projects

What’s being posted here should only be requests for service or positions you’re seeking to fill not promotion of your own services that you’re looking to provide or offer. That can be done by being vetted as a partner and included in the Mifos Partner Directory.
Please use the following tags when posting to help for categorizing and filtering.

#volunteer - for unpaid projects where you’re seeking a volunteer
#consultant - if seeking a consultant (short-term contract)
#staff - if hiring for a full-time position (i.e. long term role)
#implementation - need for deployment services - training, implementation, hosting, etc.
#rfp - if seeking proposals

You can also tag the location or the languages you need the programming done in.

The Mifos Initiative makes no warranties or guarantees about the jobs and positions listed here; please contact the requesting organization for more information.

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